2 de des. 2006

Restaurant Sintra - Erlangen

Erlangen, Martinsbühlerstraße 1

Opened recently, Sintra is the only portuguese Restaurant in Erlangen. Located at Martinsbühler Straße, it is a bit off the main roads, but still not that remote, being close to the E-Werk.

We had a "Bife de Pimenta" and a "Coelho a moda de Sintra", which were both excellent. The service was very nice, although a bit confuse. The two (very good looking) ukranian waitresses were extremely kind, but still not very experienced. We ordered a red Borba, which arrived as a white Borba. (As the white Borba is also quite good, we didn't refuse it...).

The restaurant definetly needs more personell in the kitchen, the food took extremely long to arrive. It was well worth the wait, but still... Sometimes it seemed that the waitresses also had to help in the kitchen, which is usually not good.

General impression: quite good, but needs improvement. The place has potential, if it manages to get the kitchen sped up and the service a bit less confuse. The prices are a bit above average for Erlangen, we payed something like 25 Euros per person for a meal and wine.