15 de juny 2009

Wistub du Sommelier

Foies Gras

It's been a long while since this blog has been updated. Unfortunately both of us didn't find the time to blog, but nonetheless we did find some places with exceptional food :-)

One of these places is the Wistub du Sommelier in Bergheim, Alsace, France. Run by a couple, she is responsible for the wine, he is responsible for the cookery. Both are doing a perfect job, a well fitting wine to a brilliant menu. I started with Foie Gras, continued with Risotto of Asparagus and Saffron from the Alsace and finished with the best Crême Brulé I ever tried. Acompanied by some very good white wines from the region it was a near perfect menu. Finished by a digestive from Jean-Paul Metté it was a nice experience.

Reservation is advisable as we managed to get the only table available in the small restaurant by sheer luck.